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Classes consist primarily of the normal combination of lecture, examples, and homework ... punctuated by the occasional examination.  Many classes have projects/casework requiring students to work collaboratively utilizing the tools and concepts learned in the course.

Considerable attention is given to current events in all courses, connecting the course material directly to them along the way.  Some courses require students to read the Wall Street Journal and contribute to class discussions utilizing that material.

Profdrew utilizes email extensively as a communication tool and makes every effort to respond promptly to students with it.  Students are also required to monitor their email because important class information is frequently distributed in this manner.

The classroom is a special place where ideas can be exchanged openly and without fear of admonishment.  Profdrew likes (read: tries) to inject humor when possible to lighten the atmosphere for an arguably dry subject area; but the underlying premise is one of mutual respect among all ... students and profdrew alike.
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