Casa del Sur
Oak Park is a wonderful place to live.  Great friends and loved ones, abundant openspace, trails, animals and, best of all, it's home -- I was born only 40 miles away. 

Click on images to enlarge them.  It's a memory hog so be patient!
...over two dozen mature palm trees, and only one neighbor. I haven't seen holiday lighting as extensive as this town has in years.  This effort merely enables me to not hang my head in shame ;).
...the spa doubles as a mini-pool on hot days.  The twin-windows upstairs are my office.
Hooray for citrus!  The Bears Lime, Navel Orange, and Meyer Lemon are planted.  Next year maybe I can get an avocado into the ground.
The view from the back yard ... it's like living in the country here.  The mountain in the distance is part of the Santa Monicas.  The ocean is just beyond that.  Animals are everywhere.
Sillouetted palms ... a favorite hangout for me.  I have uplighted everything and it is quite spectacular at night.